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Dr. John Tunnicliffe is a well-respected designer and architect of business intelligence solutions who inspires development teams to deliver best-in-class systems to meet the most demanding business requirements. Well versed in the Microsoft technology stack, Agile methodologies and DevOps techniques, John designs systems where much of the “plumbing” is auto-generated and the entire deployment automated.


DevOps your Data Warehouse

As promised at SQLBits and SQL Supper, I intend to publish my PowerShell build / deploy scripts for on-premise data warehouses to my GitHub repository as soon as possible.  The biggest hold up on my side has been finding the time (always problematic) and thinking of a suitable URL for this new blog and associated repository.

As soon as the first code goes up to GitHub, I will publish a blog here outlining where to get the code and exactly how you can use the PowerShell to build and deploy on-premise data warehouse projects which contain not only databases, but also SSIS packages.

So please subscribe to my blog so you get notified when I publish the first version of my powerful PowerShell build & deploy scripts.


Dr. John Tunnicliffe